Chapter One

Once in a deep, mysterious world, full of illusions and dark secrets, was a thick, overgrown jungle. The vines of these uncontrollable trees were overlapping woods and the trees themselves. With these vines came a huge dome and within these deep caverns and twists lay a village with unbreakable protection. This village didn’t have people or mythical fairies… no, this village had CATS.

There they lay, hundreds, thousands of them, all each with a unique unchangeable coat of amazing fur. In the center of it all, with three legs, the bold, the undefeatable – Black Shard! With fur like the deep night sky, his throne was only to the Dark Sea tribe, but he felt he needed more. Suddenly, with a meow like a hiss, a flaming iron ball came hurtling towards them! All the other cats took cover from the ball, roughly just got out of aim from it.

“Who did that!?” Black Shard snapped.

“I sent it” replied an awfully calm voice.

“Sunshine tribe!”

Swiftly, from the shadows, approached Sunshine tribe. Chipperdoodle in the center of the pack, the ruler of the tribe, meowed with confidence.

“I forgot you only had three legs. Time is ticking.”

Black Shard had promised peace and his back story until a different unpredictable tribe attacked – and the time had come.

He sighed. Still shocked at seeing the tribe, he found his words and murmured. “Years ago, when I was still a kitten, there was a horrendous war. My father fought and my mum hid me and fed me. The war was outstandingly rough. When the other cats found me I dashed into the dull forest but I did run on one of the ferociously dangerous traps. I never stepped out of this dome EVER again.

In the blink of an eye, the Snowy Sea tribe came and headed into the talk.

“Dark Sea, ATTACK!” Black Shard demanded his pack darted.

Snowy Sea tribe put on their metallic iron armour.

“Sunshine, NOW!” called Chipperdoodle. A swarm of cats with razor teeth and blade like claws surrounded the Dark Sea tribe.

“Black Sea!” All tribes were in war.

“Sunshine!” With the sky from blue to a menacing black and the trees gleaming with ash, the fires were spreading to the center.


“Don’t let it make it to the center,” screeched Chipperdoodle. Marmalaide dashed to get water, but it had reached the main tree. Everyone stood with fear but Black shard only grinned.

“Black Shard, look at what you’ve done to our village, out trees are dead, our sky is ash and your empire is dead – for what?” yowled Chipperdoodle.

“FOR THE THRONE”, Black Shard scowled.

…but nothing happened. Peace was put in the world.

But one day, with a rumble the vines started to separate and the sky fell – WHOOSH. This was only the start – fighters! The start of a new apocalypse?

Chapter Two

Ever since the great destruction, Sunshine tribe had a new leader – Black Shard. With one down, two more tribes stood tall, proud and powerful. However, Sunshine, a poor little kitten, still had hope In a cave far below they held a meeting.

“The Crystal Cave!” Sunshine chirped. That night, the whole tribe gathered around a waterfall with the bluest water, surrounded by multi-coloured crystals.

“Today we regain our empire, our power, and our land”, announced Chipperdoodle.

“No more messing aroun-“ The tribe fell with shock… one second it was light, the next pitch darkness. “A, a paw print?” Sunshine meowed, puzzled…


Woken to the leader of unknown?


Surrounded by cats with arrows, Sunshine wasn’t letting her guard down. With a hiss and a twist, the cats woke up and got ready to pounce.

“NOW!” ordered Marmelade.

“Hold it!” Chipperdoodle said in a I’m not messing around voice.

“Wha… what… no… h-how do you have that mark of a leaf on your cheek, only the forgotten tribes have that, but they are just legend!” A gasp spread around the room.

“A LEGEND?” snapped the leader of this forgotten tribe.

“Wait, you’ve – “ but Sunshine was cut off.

“No time for questions, we have to go – now. The Dark Sea tribe was piercing towards them.

“Earth war shield!” They all ran, closely followed by Dark Sea. But they stopped and so did Dark Sea.

“I’m sorry I ran off Black Shard,” sunshine murmured with fear. Everyone laughed, even Dot. Then Sunshine looked up, only to realise it was Snowy Sea tribe in disguise. She had a lot of questions. But she was cut off again.

“Wait, wha – that mark – the Forgotten Tribe, Earth? But you’re a,”

Dot interrupted, “A legend? No, we are all real,” Dot meowed. “Jailbird, would you mind?”

Jailbird followed Dot’s request, “with a flick and a tick may nature be with you,” he sung. The boulder in front of them started to separate. A spark of green and a splash of brown revealed trees. Four waterfalls in each one lay a base.

“WOW! Is this your tribe?” gasped Sunshine.

“Yes,” replied Dot, “Come,” she meowed.

Sunshine stayed due to her massive headache.

“I’m here, come here to me kid, you’re not who you think you are.”

“I am,” Sunshine meowed with fear

“You’re NOT!”

“I’m in your life, and you can’t escape.”

“but… wha,”


Sunshine woke up scared and alone, or was she?


Chapter Three – Fighters – A New Danger

“Turn around. Turn around. Kid?”


“No, I am!”

“What?” meowed Dot, confused.

“I – “ Sunshine wasn’t interrupted”

“Carry on little one,” meowed Marmelaide.


“Yes,” she hissed.

“But you always cut me off,” Sunshine started.

“I don’t though.” A shadow had been controlling Marmelaide and it came out. “I told you, I’m in your life and you can’t escape.” The shadow’s paws wrapped around Sunshine.

“You know kid,” the others showed up and the shadow vanished into the depths of the night.

“There you are kid – why don’t you come?”

“Well…” Sunshine got ready. “I had a big headache and a strange shadow came in my dream. I woke up in my dream and I had the same dream in my other dream. The shadow told me weird stuff and it controlled Marmelaide,” she explained.

“Haha, oh kid, you have a really good imagination.”

“I’m serious,” meowed Sunshine.

“Just follow me,” Chipperdoodle meowed impatiently. Sunshine was led into the first waterfall. “Here we are,” Chipperdoodle announced.

“What is it?” asked Sunshine.

“A lookout,” chirped Chipperdoodle. The lookout had a giant wall made of reinforced iron and a paw print in the middle.

“Ummm… how do we get in?” asked Sunshine in curiosity.

“My pawprint goes in the middle,” replied Chipperdoodle.

“Well, place it!” meowed Sunshine in excitement.

“OK, OK,” chirped Chipperdoodle.

“Aaaahhh!” screeched Sunshine before they made it in.


“I, I feel weak,” meowed Sunshine with weak energy.

“Help!” shouted Chipperdoodle.

“What?” A faded voice of everyone came through the wall.

“It’s Sunshine!” After hearing a kitten in pain, or just Sunshine, the tribes darted to help.

“Kid!” yowled Dot.

“What’s wrong with her?” questioned Marmelaide.

“I don’t know,” replied Chipperdoodle with fear. The shadow had appeared again, but this time he scowled.

“We meet again.” It faded into her and a part of her forehead peeled.

“What the?” Dot stood with fear. The shadow once again left but this time he did something.

“Kid?” meowed Dot


“What happened?” meowed Marmelaide.

“I, I don’t know…” answered Sunshine.

“The only thing you don’t know is that you’ve led us to the forgotten tribe and power!” scowled Black Shard with a white kitten behind him. Snowball, leader of the Snowy Sea tribe, stood up.


“Oh, finally found words?” Black Shard scowled.

“She found words, but you’ll never find all tribes obeying you,” Garfield also stood up.

“OK,” meowed Black Shard, he picked up Iceberg and hung her above a cliff. “Make one move and I’ll drop her.” He didn’t sound like he was joking.

“You’re outnumbered,” commented Dot.

“Am I?” asked Black Shard as a pack of cats surrounded them.

“Yes,” Sunshine meowed quietly.

Another swarm of cats arrived, but Sunshine didn’t know where they came from. A shadow came and sat next to him.

“Fred?” Sunshine asked.

“His name is Death,” Black Shard corrected Sunshine.

“Hmmm, no, that’s Fred.” Sunshine started to write a note.

“What’s that, let me see,” Black Shard insisted. Sunshine showed him the note with no sign of fear.

“His name is Fred,” read Black Shard. “Come here!” he yowled.

“OK,” meowed Sunshine, still with no fear.

Black Shard was getting annoyed. “You’re very obnoxious Kid. I used to have a friend called Shellby, she was just more obnoxious than you,” told Black Shard. Sunshine trailed over to him and gave Snowball the note. On the back, Sunshine wrote something different.

It read, “I distract him, you make a plan – Sunshine.” Snowball knew that Iceberg would annoy him to death, but not alone. She needed Sunshine to get in the cage too.

“Everyone, I’m gonna give my tribe to Black Shard, to get them out. I’ll get it back later,” Snowball whispered. Everyone nodded.

“Black Shard, my tribe is y-yours,” she meowed fakely.

“Ummmm, O, OK?” Black Shard was suspicious, but took it.

“Hey, can –,” Sunshine continued to try and annoy Black Shard…

“No! That’s it! GET IN THE CAGE!” he screeched.

Sunshine leapt in scared, but she knew she was acting the plan. “Hey, do you know the plan?” she whispered to Iceberg.


“Annoy him,” she replied, “that’s all.”

“That’s what I do best,” Iceberg replied with a grin.

“Can I have a sandwich?” Iceberg asked.

Nine hours passed and still they were annoying Black Shard.

“Is one plus one, two, or three?” asked Sunshine, hoping it would be the last question.

“Two,” meowed Black Shard tiredly.

“I have a life,” said Iceberg.

“I don’t,” meowed Black Shard, while walking away with annoyance.

“Finally!” Dot meowed with joy.

Sunshine and Iceberg climbed down from the cage.

“What tribe are you, Snowy Sea?” asked Sunshine.

“I, I don’t actually remember,” meowed Iceberg.

“Wait, your forehead, it’s peeling, do you know what it means?”

Sunshine was hoping this was the one time in life that she was going to figure out what she was made for.

“No,” Iceberg gave a simple answer and her only answer.

“What about a shadow, can you see a shadow of Black Shard, when he’s not here?”

“I, no, wait, actually, yes!” Iceberg felt at home when she was around Sunshine, even though Dot knew what was happening to the kittens, he didn’t want to make everyone go crazy so he stayed quiet.

“Will we go look at the lookout?” asked Marmelaide while opening the gates. The wall of iron fell and a wall of glass with a pigeon behind it showed. Sunshine leapt to the pigeon and bonked on the glass.

“Owwww,” she meowed.

“Thanks,” commented Dot with amusement at seeing her think there was no glass.